Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Orange County Health Department

Geraldean Matthews was originally the one in charge of the Pace grant that Michelle is taking over for the Orange County Health Department, but apparently Geraldean's health has not been good these days. As Nolan points out, it's interesting that Michelle's job is concerned with inspections-- inspecting the sanitary conditions of public pools and food sites (say, where a day camp feeds kids). It sounds like Apopka was tacked on to her existing job duties-- yet another example of how people already overworked and doing multiple other projects have to work on Apopka as a side project. Orange County also seems very interested in the Parks & Recreation aspect of Apopka-- no green space-- but Jeannie pushed for the healthcare agenda, and Michelle seemed to be listening. We've got another meeting next week with some "key players" in Apopka and in OCHD to discuss this-- it's exciting that Jeannie has been able to bring us to the table with these issues.

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sallda said...

This is one of those typical overworked synarios where a good person is loaded and loaded with work, continues to do it until they are either ill or broken from the work load, and for what so local goverment can save a few dollars to lay new turf in a carpark somewhere where no one cares about, or to fund a trip to NY to see how metro works, it is a shame that some people are almost worked to death while others benefit from these toils.