Friday, October 26, 2007

Meeting with Lariza Garzon

Today Rachel and I met with Lariza Garzon of the National Farm Worker Ministry. Lariza’s position focuses on connecting students and college student organizations with issues surrounding farmworkers. We are particularly excited about working with Lariza because she has a lot of great ideas about how to connect Rollins with farmworker concerns, such as bringing in speakers, showing films, developing alternative spring break programs, and starting an internship with the Farm Worker Ministry. In our meeting today we talked about ways to get students directly involved with matters concerning farmworker safety and treatment, such as the upcoming trip to Miami to protest Burger King. Burger King, like other fast food restaurants, purchases tomatoes from growers who do not pay fair wages to their workers. For more information visit the blog from Our meeting today raised our energy about getting more students active and excited about farmworker justice—we’re spreading the word in Central Florida!